White Mountain Hand-Operated Ice Cream Maker

White Mountain Ice Cream MakerDo you love the texture, taste, and nostalgia that comes with home made old fashioned ice cream? If so then you should take a moment to check out the White Mountain hand-operated ice cream maker. This stylish kitchen appliance is available in both four quart and six quart models.

Although ice-cream is available widely from many different stores, the quality of the offerings is often not up to our expectations. The solution is to learn how to make your own desserts with ease and simplicity from the convenience of your own kitchen. However, choosing the right appliance and recipe will require some amount of research if you want to keep all your family happy.

Before you buy any hand cranked ice-cream maker it is important to do a fair amount of research so that you know exactly what you are getting. Though electric machines are thought of as being a lot more convenient and simple to use, a hand operated product offers a nostalgic feeling that simply cannot be had elsewhere. White Mountain has developed a reputation as producing highly durable and stylish ice-cream makers for many years. When shopping for any kitchen devices it is important to choose a manufacturer or brand that have developed a good reputation.

A hand cranked ice-cream maker will only produce mouth watering results if you get the ingredients right. This White Mountain model comes with a list of interesting ideas and not just for ice cream but also for other desserts. Of course you always have the option of surfing online for ice cream makers and check out some reviews. You may need to make a variety of ice creams before finding flavors that suit every mouth in your family, we all have different tastes. The great aspect about making ice cream in your own home is that you can keep everyone happy and satisfied, this is not always the case when we buy ice-cream from a shop or parlour.

All White Mountain appliances are made out of the highest quality stainless steel which is dishwasher proof for easy cleaning and maintenance. Apart from the hand cranking mechanism they also include a bucket, canister, and dasher.

You should not think that a hand operated ice cream maker would be difficult to use, do not worry, you will not require bulging biceps to produce the results you desire. A hand operated model only needs the minimal of effort and work.

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker

KitchenAid KICA0WH 2 Quart Ice Cream MakerEveryone loves ice cream and the taste of homemade ice cream is really incomparable than the store brought one. If you have your own ice cream maker, you can create your own frozen desserts like sorbets, sherbets, frozen yogurt, and ice cream. The best thing is you are using fresh ingredients without preservatives added.

Kitchenaid is well known kitchen appliance since 1919 because of it stand mixer, it withstand the test of time. When you hear the word Kitchenaid, you know that they offer high quality and high standard products. With their countless innovations they are not only use as a mixer for baking or cooking food but it will able you to create your own homemade frozen desserts.

This model is your sweet choice. It is an attachment to your stand mixers. It comes with a paddle and bowl. Their most popular model is the Kitchenaid KICA0WH ice cream maker.

Why Chose This Ice Cream Maker

  • Make easy frozen desserts in 20-30 minutes
  • Need to pre-freeze your bowl for 15 hours. No need for ice and salt.
  • Easy to use and operate. No cranking needed.
  • Easy to clean. Some parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Ability to control the speed. It blends the ingredients perfectly.
  • It is stylish. Two quart capacity.
  • Compact design. Minimal storage needed.
  • Instruction booklet with recipe is included.

The good thing about the Kitchenaid is the storage, if you already have the Kitchenaid stand mixer, you just need a bowl and paddle to have an ice cream maker and this will save you some space. This unique attachment can make variety of fresh frozen desserts and pure consistency of ice cream.

It is quite pricey considering that it is only a bowl and a paddle but you know it is made to last.